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Sherwood Tennis is dedicated to enhancing the tennis experience for all players.  From our successful high school teams to our free and affordable community lessons, we hope that everyone can find a way to increase their skills and love for the game.

Our high school programs are growing in both numbers and skill level.  We are working hard to make sure that starting to play tennis is a great decision for anyone interested.  Everyone's tennis journey will be different, but we want to make it fun and competitive for everyone at all stages of their development.

Roxanne Solo.jpg
Roxanne Imbrie
Andy Bunch
Coach Bunch.jpg
Autumn Bunch

SHS Girls Tennis Head Coach

Roxanne acted as head coach from 2014  to 2017 and led the Lady Bowmen to a 44-23 record while moving from 5A competition up to a very competitive 6A league.  She took over as head coach again in 2019 leading the team to a league championship.

SHS Boys Tennis Head Coach

Andy takes over the head coach role heading into 2022 with big plans for this year and the future.  

SHS Girls Tennis JV Coach


Autumn joined the coaching staff in 2020 as the first-ever JV2 coach.  She competes year-round in USTA leagues and her love of the game will bring fun energy to our expanding program.

Brad Neuhoff
Peter Wenceslao
Jason Solo.jpg
Jason Upton

SHS Boys Tennis JV Coach

Brad joins the SHS coaching staff in 2022.  An avid tennis player and sports fan, we are excited to have Brad join the team.

Jeroen Solo.jpg
Jeroen Swanborn

Community Tennis and SHS Girls Tennis Volunteer


Jeroen joined the Sherwood Community Tennis volunteer squad in 2019 and has been very dedicated to player improvement.  His knowledge of the game is deep and he is able to demonstrate and teach great technique.

SHS Girls Tennis JV2 Coach

Peter joined the SHS staff in 2021.  Peter is a very sound technical player, and we are very lucky to have him.  How he found room in his schedule on top of the 5-6 teams he plays on is amazing.

Todd at 205.jpg
Todd Wilcox

Community Tennis and SHS Girls Tennis Volunteer


With 18 years of coaching, including an OSAA Coach of the Year award, Todd loves to bring his expertise and passion for tennis to the courts.

Community Tennis and SHS Girls Tennis Volunteer


As a father of 3 Lady Bowmen, Jason has contributed more than just his time to Sherwood Tennis.  With an eye for technique, Jason has been a great asset for developing players.

Brittany Teahan

SHS Girls Tennis Volunteer


We are very excited to have Brittany join our coaching squad in 2021. She is fairly new on the local tennis scene but is rising through the ratings with a never-say-die attitude on-court.

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