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Academy23 Skills

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Academy23 is a prep program for those whose long-term goal is reaching the top of the varsity team, playing for league titles and potentially playing in college.  Players can become very successful varsity players in a lot of ways.  Proper technique certainly helps, but there are tons of successful players who win with grit, movement, court positioning and other things.  So, this program is not required or necessary to be a successful high school player.  But solid technique is important for players hoping to reach higher levels.


Since it is a prep program for Academy29, a lot of the focus will be on the skills needed for that program:

  • A topspin forehand with variable power, spin level and height over the net

  • A reliable backhand with fairly good technique

  • Proper volley form on both forehand and backhand volleys

  • Split steps - knowing how to do them, and actually doing them

  • A pretty solid game

We'll also work on footwork, fitness, court positioning and other general skills, but you can get those in our regular practices as well.

Academy23 Expectations:

Academy23 players should be trying to do many of the same things as you'll see under Academy29 Expectations.  Those are good tools and things to do to help get faster, in better shape and better at playing matches.  However, there are a few different expectations for Academy23 players who are working to develop new tools.

  1.  Do more hitting practice sessions and less match play while working on something new.

  2.  If you do play matches, focus on practicing what you've learned, not winning.  Your goal is improvement so you can win in 3-6 months, not so you can win tomorrow.

  3.  Have an open mind about change and a positive attitude.  For a lot of people, the process to improve will require taking steps backward and breaking habits.  Moving forward will be harder to achieve if you don't go in with the right attitude.