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Academy29 is the online home for instructional videos curated by Sherwood Tennis.

It can be found at

Why the different name?  Because it sounds cooler and is a lot shorter than Sherwood_High_School_Girls_Tennis_Instragram_Instructional_Videos_Page_And_Grammar_Jamboree

Why 29?  Were the first 28 Academies taken?  Because in Todd's Rating System, an invisible barrier seems to exist around the rating of 27 or 28.  A lot of players achieve ratings of 27, but it takes more to push through that barrier and achieve a rating of 29.  What will help you get there?

  • Proper Technique, like a continental grip on your volleys and serves

  • Shot variety - topspin, slice, drives, drop shots spin serves, flat serves...

  • Better movement habits (e.g. split steps) and understanding movement is a critical skill

  • A willingness to try new things - improvement is not a straight line

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