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Academy29 & Academy23

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Academy29 will launch for Sherwood players in June of 2021, with a partner program, Academy23.  These programs will supplement other practices and match-play sessions we have over the summer, so participation here is not for everyone.

Academy29 will be a more vigorous training program for those looking to take their game to higher levels (league championships, playing in college).  Advanced strokes will be part of it, but the bigger part of the program will be about footwork, fitness and learning to apply those to take your existing strokes to the next level.  Players will need to demonstrate several skills with proper technique to be considered an Academy29 player.

Academy23 will be a prep program for players not ready for Academy29 yet.  This program will have some footwork and fitness, but it will also frequently be slow and repetitive and focusing on proper technique.

Please note that results will not determine placement between the groups.  I can guarantee now that some players in Academy23 will be able to be beat some players in Academy29. Windshield wiper volleys can win you a lot of points, but they don't provide a good foundation for advancement.

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