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About Academy29

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Academy29 is a small tennis academy with the goal of helping good high school players make more of their games.  Our focus is on footwork, understanding basic strategies and making more of practice time and matches.

Why "Academy29"?  Using the TRS rating system, local high school players have been rated since 2015.  Reviewing ratings over the years, a pattern emerged - the rating of 28 is a barrier.  Lots of high school players who put in a lot of time on court and in group lessons reach ratings of 25-28.  Most never reach 29 and the reason is poor habits around footwork, incorrect volley technique and improper shot selection.  A lot of these players spend enough time practicing, but they are not practicing the right things to build the right habits.

Academy29 is here to provide the tools and mindset needed to push players past 28.  Will we be churning out legions of Division I scholarship athletes?  Not a chance.  But Division III colleges typically have players rated between 30 and 40.  Players looking to play college tennis or compete with the state's top juniors need to break through the 28 barrier.

Academy29 Principles:

Academy29 has a few guiding principles - good tennis should be the goal and should be celebrated.  We should all aspire to play good tennis, and every step, shot, player and coach along the way helps us reach that goal.

If we had a motto, which I won't claim we do, it would be:

When I win with my feet, I honor my training

When I win with my head, I honor my coaches

When I play with integrity, I honor my family

When I celebrate good tennis, I honor the game

That should tell you what we are about.

  • Training hard to build up the kind of footwork that brings success.

  • Learning where to move and what shot to hit simplifies the game.

  • Tennis players fight hard to win, but it's always done fairly.

  • The tennis community is truly a community.  Recognizing good tennis and celebrating it, especially in defeat is what binds that community together.

TRS ratings guide a lot of what we do.  You don't need to know much about them.  If you are interested, click here.