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Academy29 Expectations

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Academy29 isn't for everyone.  Ideally, players should be fairly capable high school players before starting in on this training.  There will be very little focus on proper stroke technique, so we encourage or require certain skills prior to starting.

To Join, players should possess:

  • A topspin forehand where they can vary the power, amount of spin and height over the net

  • A reliable backhand with good technique

  • Proper volley technique on forehand and backhand volleys

  • Split steps correctly executed and timed, and more importantly - used as a habit

  • Visualize points and demonstrate your own strokes by playing shadow points (no ball, no opponent, just your imagination)


Requirements when active:


  • 1 cardio session of 30 minutes (2 sessions a week if you can)

  • 5 minutes jumping rope

  • 5 minute split step practice

  • 10 minutes of footwork drills

  • 10 minutes of shadow points with proper split steps, stances, balance

  • 1 Assigned Match with goals.  Loser(s) have to choose 2 weekly tasks to do twice.


  • 1 non-match hitting session with 30 minutes of hitting and 30 minutes of Academy29 drills (can be adjusted if you are taking other tennis classes)


  • SwingVision app (currently only available for iPhone or people with an MacBook or other apple computer)

  • Fence Mount for a phone or camera

  • Speed Ladder - chalk preferable to actual ladder

  • Hexagon pattern - chalk preferred

  • Find outside coaching on stroke technique

  • A case of regular Penn balls  - open a can for each match or hitting session

  • 36-60 Wilson Trinity Balls per Player to be used for Academy29 drills, and a hopper or bucket to hold them

Expected Investment:

  • Court time with 1-3 partners for 1-2 hours a week.  Locally, that's probably $15/week renting courts at the George Fox Tennis Center on weeks you can't play outside.

  • Jump Rope ($10 or so)

  • Sidewalk Chalk (borrow if you don't have some)

  • Case of Penn Balls (20 cans for $30-40 at Costco) every 3-6 months

  • Half-Case to a case of Wilson Triniti Balls - $45-90 - should last a long time

  • Something to hold your Triniti balls - a bucket works.  Some people like having ball hoppers - makes picking balls up easier and stands high for serving practice ($40)

  • Footwork is going to be a heavy focus, so expect more shoe investment

  • We'll probably do an occasional run of Academy29 shirts - so $10-20 depending on style.

  • There may be an occasional request for small donations for website fees and other miscellaneous expenses