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Academy29 Skills

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Academy29 won't do a lot to build up stroke technique, so we strongly advise that you seek out technique training from locals pros through occasional private lessons.

Prior to joining Academy29, players must demonstrate the following set of skills:

  • A topspin forehand with variable power, spin level and height over the net

  • A reliable backhand with fairly good technique

  • Proper volley form on both forehand and backhand volleys

  • Split steps - knowing how to do them, and actually doing them

  • A pretty solid game

In Academy29, there will be a lot of focus on footwork, fitness and using them to make the most of your existing skills.  But we'll also use those as a base to add variations:

  • Topspin approach shots

  • Hitting winners

  • Drop shots

  • One-Handed backhand volleys

  • Topspin lobs

  • Underspin/slice