Court Use - Spring 2021

Community Tennis Members - Please Re-Read this section:  The high school teams have very strict Covid precautions in place.  If they are on the courts practicing, you may not be allowed at all.  If they don't plan to use all the courts, they will still need an empty court open next to them.

Please do not schedule Flex League matches on school courts on weekdays if they will not be finished by 3:15pm.

This page is populated by the SHS girls team.  We will do what we can to find out practice times for the boy's team, but we don't expect 100% success.

This Weekend (4/10 and 4/11):  Nothing scheduled as far as I know, but the boys team may have something at SHS.

4/12 - 4/18:  Matches start for the high school teams.  End times are variable on T/W/F.

  • Sherwood High:  All courts reserved and expected to be used 3:00 - 7:30 M-F.  Saturday is still TBD.

  • The Ridges:  Still a bit TBD, but we think they'll start being used more.  Total Guesses below:

    • Monday 3:30 - 7:30​

    • Tuesday 3:00 - 6 (possibly not used at all if the boys play everything at SHS)

    • Wednesday 3:00 - 7:00

    • Thursday 3:30 - 7:30

    • Friday 3:30 - 6 (possibly not used at all if the boys play everything at SHS)

  • Hawk's View:  All courts reserved and expected to be used 3:30 - 5:30 M-F.   Open after that this week.


General Plan:

  • April 5 – May 22 (Main Season):  Very heavy use of all school courts after school and some Saturdays.

    • We will almost never use the courts at Snyder Park, and if we do, we won't kick anyone off.