Court Use - Summer 2021

The Week of 6/21:
  • Tuesday 9:30 - 11am:  SHS in use
    Wednesday 4:30 - 6pm:  SHS in use
    Thursday 9:30 - 11am:  SHS in use

General Plan:
Right now, our high school girls team seems to be moving towards this general plan:
  • Monday:  4:30 - 6pm at SHS - most weeks
    Wednesday:  4:30 - 6pm at SHS (LR as spillover site) - almost every week
    Thursday:  Morning sessions at SHS
    Friday:  4:30 - 6pm at SHS - some weeks
We don't have the courts reserved, but we typically have about 16+ kids for our sessions and we really appreciate it if we can get as many courts as possible when we show up.  It's just too hard to coordinate our 40+ girls team members if we can't count on having courts.