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Discord is a phone app (and other formats) with a lot of communication capability.  Its features can provide benefits to teams who need to communicate on multiple topics.  It should make information easy to find for players, parents and coaches without tons of emails, texts, webpages....

For example:

  • Everyone will be able to see last-minute schedule changes (these will happen more in 2022)

  • Parents will be able to see when volunteers or help is needed

  • Players can get Secret Sister updates

  • People can post photos for everyone to see

We are going to try out Discord in the pre-season to see if we want to adopt it for the regular season.  There honestly won't be a ton of content in 2021, but we'll post practices and things like the pre-season meeting.  One great possible use is for players who want to compete in the winter.  Book a court at George Fox and you can post that you need come competition.

Players and Parents, text or email Todd to have a link sent.  It may take a few hours for me to give you a role, but you'll be able to see the channels just for players or parents once I do.  Just a note - coaches can see everything in order to moderate any chats, so keep it friendly, supportive and clean.