DIY Projects for the Sherwood Tennis Community

Our coaches and volunteers do a lot for the local tennis community.  If possible, we like to keep their time and commitment dedicated to providing as much tennis programming as possible.  But there are some little things that also need to be done.  If anyone wants to help the tennis community by doing some of these other things, we'd appreciate the help.  Email if you'd like to tackle or help any of these.  If purchases are required, we've got a fund for reimbursements.  So, we're mainly looking for time and labor.

Current Project List:

Leaf Removal -  There are leaves on and around the Laurel Ridge courts (and probably SMS too).  When the leaves are on the court, they prevent the sun from drying the court, leaving slippery spots.  There is electricity available at LR, but you'd need several hundred feet of extension cords to cover everything, so a gas-powered blower would be better.  Ideally, we'd like them not only off the courts, but also blown far away (or removed) so they don't just blow back on.

Completed Projects:

Laurel Ridge Wind Screens - The wind screens at both ends are starting to come off the fence.  I think they are usually secured with zip ties.  We need someone (possibly a 2-person job) to re-secure those.  UPDATE: This has been done (for this year).  Thanks to coaches and SHS athletic staff for coordinating it.

Laurel Ridge Shed Path - We are trying to figure out what to do here, but let me know if you are handy and would like to be added to the team working on the problem.  UPDATE: Thanks to Eagle Scout Carlton Groeger and coach Lally, this is completed.  Eagle Scout Groeger did the path with gravel base and concrete pavers.  And Mr Lally moved the door to the opposite side of the shed to make access easier and line up with the new path.  Hopefully no more muddy shoes now!!!

SMS Tennis Backboard - The backboard has a softball-sized hole dead center.  With my perfect aim, my shots kept going through the hole yesterday.  I'm not sure what the best fix is, but it would ideally not create a situation where balls would fly off at crazy angles when hitting.  The wall is pretty large and pretty heavy I assume, so if your idea would be to move it and fix it, you'll want help.  UPDATE: Thanks to Sherwood School District, this has been completed by the contractors doing work on SMS over the summer.  It was done as part of the court resurfacing project in summer of 2018.

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