Fall 2020 Doubles Tournament

Lots of people being unavailable on Friday made a mess of the tournament.  An email chain titled, "The Mess for Tomorrow" had 10 replies, plus a bunch of texts with parents and players trying to get everyone on court.


The A Bracket champion is still TBD with Sidney/Morgan ready to take on Jessica/Keeley as soon as they can find a time to play.


The B bracket championship match was a great example of contrasting styles.  Gracee and Kaylin got an early lead with strong serving and dominant net-play.  The championship came down to whether or not Paige E and Jackie could keep their groundstrokes away from the volleyers to take them out of the mix.  Late in the first set, Paige/Jackie showed they could avoid the net players and came back to win that set and the second as well.  Congrats to everyone for an exciting match highlighting how different styles of play make each match unique.  And at least Jackie was excited to receive the traditional prize of Sherwood Tennis:  Corn.

The C "Bracket" had so many people in and out that it's impossible to declare a "champion".  Todd has declared Autumn the champion of the week for finding a way to find everyone good competition for 3 days.  Jeroen had great things to say about the players who stepped out of doubles and into singles matches for the first time, and the coaches thank you all for your flexibility and making it all work out.