Fall 2020 Scrimmages

October 5-7, we will be playing "scrimmage" matches.  For those who don't know that that is, it's pretty simple.  We will break out team up into 4 teams each day.  Two teams will play each other at SHS.  Two will play each other at LR.

The goal for each match is to make competing teams as balanced as possible so that everyone gets a competitive match and both teams have a chance of winning.

The "scrimmage" aspect is that we will try to run these like they are matches against other schools.  Each team will have a coach or two who will coach you like they would in a real match (which is only for about 30 seconds to 1-minute when you change ends of the court with your opponents).  We expect you to keep score, make line calls and do all that stuff we've been working on.

We will try for each match to consist of 5 doubles matches.  4th and 5th Doubles will be treated more like JV matches with a little extra coaching and assistance allowed.  1st - 3rd doubles will be treated like varsity matches where coaches are less involved.

Note that each team will have players who have made varsity in years past and players who may have only started a few weeks ago.  But each match will be created to put you on court with people with about the same level of experience and/or skill.

Our goals for this tournament:

  • Get to know your teammates.  Our newest players may not know many returning players, and even some returning players didn't get to know each other last year.

  • Support your team.  Our newest players are going to display some good tennis, and probably their fair share of double-faults and misses.  Remember back to your first few weeks of tennis and give support.

  • Have fun!

  • Be safe.  We are going to spread players who aren't playing across court 2 to be right in the middle of the action.  That gives you plenty of space to spread out and cheer (masks on for players waiting).

  • New players - learn by watching the returning players.

  • Learn to properly support your teammates in tennis.  I honestly think think the standard style of tennis support is a little too classy, but we try to at least be close to it.  That means:

    • Most cheering should be based on good things your teammates do, not simply the fact that they won a point.  If your teammate hits a good shot, cheer them on!  If their opponent double faults an important point or misses some other easy shot, don't cheer for that.​  Instead, wait a few seconds then encourage your teammate.

    • Cheering volume should be kept at a reasonable level.  Top-of-your-lungs cheering tends to be viewed as unsportsmanlike.  But it's not golf either - don't be too quiet about it.

    • Try not to cheer in the middle of a point.  It can be distracting for their opponent when they are trying to focus and hit.

    • Be classy and support good tennis, even if it came from your opponent.  "Nice shot", "Great point" and things like that should become a standard part of your expression in tennis.  This week, you'll be playing against teammates, so it's a great time to practice that.