Tennis Gifts

The outdated ad for the Black Friday sale at Players is above.  They have similar sales around most major holidays.  Following @players_racquet_shop on instagram will usually keep you in the loop.  You can also get good stuff online (, and are tennis focused sites), but Players is the last tennis specialty shop in town.  Having that available is nice to have as an option for a ton of reasons, so please shop local if you have the option.  Feel free to read more about racquets and strings from this page.

Here are some gift ideas for high school players:

The Obvious:

  • A new racquet.  Players will let you buy one for under the tree, then bring it back and start a demo trial to find the right racquet, grip size and strings afterward.

  • A tennis bag

  • Tennis clothes

Less Obvious:

  • Racquet Tune-Up from Players: A re-string, re-grip and vibration dampener.

  • Re-stringing

  • New Replacement grip, or set of overgrips (lots of colors available)

  • Visors or Hats

  • Headbands / Pony-Tail Holders

  • Water Bottle

  • Tennis Ball Hopper filled with practice balls (Wilson Trinity as the recommended ball since they'll keep their bounce)

  • Sunglasses

  • Tennis-Specific Shoes

  • Ball-Saver (will keep cans of balls more fresh for 2nd or 3rd use)

  • Vibration Dampeners

  • Head Tape to protect the top of the racquet (Head brand seems to be the best)

  • Tennis Lessons (Private or Group) at George Fox Tennis Center.  They also have a Winter Tennis Camp Dec. 27-30.