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Instruction Point 1

I isolated this point from 2019 grad Emily McDonald as a joke because she never used to willingly come to the net.  But as I watched it again, I realized that it's a pretty good point that a lot of high school players can learn from.  Every team still has way too many players who think tennis is all about learning how to hit.  Notice how few things below are actually about the swing.

After a good, deep return, notice these 10 little bits of good tennis.  Emily:

  1. Quickly recovers to the middle but gets turned to split step

  2. Recognizes the short ball and quickly moves in (aided by split step)

  3. Slows a bit to balance before hitting instead of running through the forehand

  4. Re-transfers weight forward to gain power and start the approach

  5. Approaches down the line to keep angles covered

  6. Split steps again as her opponent hits instead of just charging the net

  7. Moves diagonally forward to cut off the volley (and hit it high before it drops to her knees)

  8. Steps across with her right foot to get good body and shoulder turn

  9. Very little swing on the volley - just a nice little angle winner

  10. FIST PUMP!!!  If you aren't playing with passion, then you are not playing up to your potential.


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