March Tennis

Quick Update:  With the groups we have now, if you are free for a listed practice for your group, just come play.  You don't have to request a spot.  It's nice if you let us know if you plan to come, but if you are free, you can come.  When you plan to come for Group 3, text Autumn at 503-933-6094.

Before I go on - if you haven't checked out the page on 2021 planning, check it out here.

And if you haven't read about March Tennis yet or texted Todd yet, read the info below.

March 1-6 Current Plan:​

  • The weather isn't looking great for the weekend, but it's not as bad as we first thought.  Group 1 players (fall athletes), text Todd if you are interested in playing and we'll see what happens.  If at some time Saturday, the courts are dry, the skies and radar look good, I may text you saying, "Go to ____ now if you want to practice".

March 8-14:

  • As of now, the forecast isn't convincing enough to schedule anything.  But I'm also not ruling anything out either.  So, check back as we get closer.

March Tennis Basics:

  • Runs March 1 - April 3

  • March Tennis will be different from Winter Tennis:

    • The weather will dictate which days we try to practice, not a set schedule by the school.  In other words, if we see a day where the courts are clearly going to be dry, then the coaches will see if we can schedule something. 

    • We will post practices on this site by at least the night before (preferably two nights before), and we probably won't inform you any other way.  So check back often.

    • Player groups will be more defined, and practices will be specifically for one group.

      • Group 1:  Athletes in Fall Sports.  These will be weekend practices only.  More info below about your priorities.​  This will include people who want to try out for varsity and those who don't - it's mainly about scheduling.

      • Group 2:  Let's call this the "Planning to try out for varsity" group for people who aren't in Group 1.

      • Group 3:  Everyone else (Non-Fall Athletes and not currently planning to try out for varsity).

To get into a group, text Todd at 503-810-2198 just so we know who is interested.  Group 1 players are obvious, but if you plan to try out for varsity and want to be in group 2, let Todd know that.

Covid Policy Info:

Most of the same Covid policies from the winter will be in place, except these two things:

  1. We are tightening the mask requirement.  Players will be expected to wear masks at all times.  We expect this to be the league competition rule, so we should get used to it now.

  2. We will probably not be too crowded on the courts (we expect 8-16 people per group), but we won't cap attendance unless more people than we expect start showing up.

Group 1:  Fall Athletes:  We are not trying to interfere with your fall sport in any way, but we will offer some times to get coaching and playing if you want it.  Your priorities should be in this order:

  1. School

  2. Your Fall Sport / You and Your Family's Mental and Physical Health, including taking days off from exercise if needed

  3. If you've got time and spare energy, March Tennis.