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Match Reminders

These are mostly applicable to all teams, but some things are varsity specific.

Very Quick Reminders for Matches:

  1. Call the score loud enough for your opponents to hear.  If your opponents aren't doing the same, ask them to.  If you disagree with the score, stop there and work to get it corrected.

  2. Make your line calls loud enough to your opponents can hear them.

  3. Make good line calls, trying not to be unfair to your opponents or yourselves.  If you aren't sure, the ball is in.

  4. Don't question your opponent's calls unless you are sure.

  5. If your opponent questions your call and you aren't sure, say something like, "You know, I'm actually not sure - if you are sure you saw it in, I'll give it to you."  This makes them 100x more likely to give you one later when they make a mistake.

  6. Double bounces, touching the net and reaching over the net are made by the offender, not the offended.  Keep playing the point and try to win it, but you can question them after if you think they got it wrong.

  7. Your own coach may over-rule one of your calls if it was clear to us.  Don't let it bother you. We all make mistakes and some things are just easier to see for us.  We don't think you are cheating.

  8. You have about 25 seconds between points.  That's plenty unless you are really trying to go slow.  You only get 90 seconds to get water and change ends every odd game.  All your coaching needs to be received in that 90 seconds.  So, hustle to get your water and over to your coach for some advice.  If your coach isn't around, you can't just wait for them.  Warning - your coach may not always be around.

  9. Varsity matches are 2 out of 3 sets.  Most matches will play a full third set.  Others may have a tie-breaker up to 10 instead of a 3rd set.

  10. If there is a full 3rd set, you can take a 5-minute break after the 2nd.

  11. Bring your tennis bag/gear and water to the court.

  12. When finished, confirm the score with your opponent and get it recorded in the scorebook soon either yourself or through a coach or team captain

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