Pre-Season Meeting Handout

Girls Tennis Critical Things To Know


Contact Info:

Head Coach:  Roxanne Imbrie:;  503-705-9467

JV1 Coach Emily Wade:;  503-863-7472

Randonm Tennis Question Answerer: :Todd Wilcox:;  503-810-2198


Key Dates:

March 2:  The season starts

March 19:  Matches begin

Spring Break:  Any practice will be optional; Try to be ready for matches on 3/30 and 3/31 (The 3/31 match is one of our most important matches of the year).

April 3-5:  JV1 Team Beach Weekend, with tennis sessions at Salishan

April 30-May 3:  Varsity Tournament in Bend

Things to do by Feb 28!!!  You cannot practice or try out for varsity if the first 2 are not done:

  • Register with the school.  There is a link on the girls tennis website (see below).

  • Have a physical on file with the school.  This is required every two years.

  • For new players:  Read the basic rules and basic scoring on the website to prepare a little.

  • Let Roxanne know if you plan to try out for varsity.


General Information:

Most Up-to-Date Info:  We will use the Remind app once the season starts


Practice Times/Locations:

Varsity (and Tryouts for Varsity):  Laurel Ridge 3:15 – 5:15

JV and JV2:  Sherwood Middle School.  Times will vary by week (and are still TBD)


Other Quick Hits:

  • It rains, we can’t play in the rain (so we get gyms when we can).  So, practice and match schedules are always up in the air.

  • Matches can run long and late.  And it can get cold.  Be prepared.

  • Team uniforms (tank tops) will be provided.  People who want warmups can get those too. Players are expected to provide their own bottom (skirt, skort, shorts) (black).  The uniform deposit is $50 which will be refunded if you give back your uniform in good condition.

  • Most players provide their own racquets, but we have some loaners that players can use if needed.

  • Shoes designed for tennis are ideal.  Cross-trainers aren’t terrible.  Running shoes are bad.


The Sherwood Tennis Website ( has a TON of information about a ton of topics.  Basically, it has the answer to almost every question that’s been asked in the past 10 years, plus more.  Use it as a resource.  From the home page:

  • Click Girls Tennis at the top to get to the high school team page.  VISIT THIS OFTEN!!!

  • Scroll down on the home page to see tons of other topics from basic rules, scoring, equipment, 6 pages of stuff under High School Tennis (like tips for making varsity), plus more for to look through after the season.


Other than that, feel free to send us questions if you need.  Roxanne is probably the best source for team-specific questions (or Driver’s Ed scheduling…), while Todd types fast and responds to general tennis questions.

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