Season Prep 2021

4/1/21 Update: The Main Sherwood Girls Tennis Page will contain the most critical information from now on.  But I'll drop this here for now, Picture Day is 4/19 at 2:30pm at the SHS courts for all teams.  The plan is for a group photo with masks so the school can put something out quickly, but the true team photo will be a composite of individual photos without masks.  This won't be the fastest process, so plan to be at SHS for a while.

3/29/21 Update:  There are a few updates on practice times and bus information (crimson highlights).  We are still up in the air on a lot and may not get answers to everything before the season starts.  We will post a Day 1 plan here and on the main girls tennis page once it is final.  This is only a guess, but it will possibly look like this:

  • Players trying out for varsity, be at SHS no later than 3:30 on 4/5 for a 3:30 - 5:30 session.

  • Players trying out for JV, be at LR no later than 3:30 on 4/5 for a 3:30 - 5:30 session.

  • Players just learning to play tennis and those who don't plan to try out for varsity or JV should report to the JV2 practice at ____ time at Sherwood Middle School.

  • Players still involved with their fall sport or activity, make sure you have contacted the coaches so they know your schedule and plan.

3/26/21 Update:  Please help out the coaches!  We aren't 100% sure who all is planning to play this year, or which team each of you are going to try for.  Please let us know your plans!  If you don't know what to try for, check the very bottom of this page​

3/24/21 Update:  There is a new section called Other Items Of Note added below. This has some bussing info, spectator information and indoor practice information, plus a new George Fox program that may be of interest (and may start 3/29 for people who want to take advantage to prepare for tryouts).

A lot about the 2021 season is still up in the air right now.  Hopefully we will know a lot more as we get closer to the season.  So, consider a lot of things below tentative, rumors or speculation for now.  In other words, if you see something you love or hate, don't get too excited or worried because it might change.

Teams:  We don't have final player counts yet, but we have decided to hire a JV2 coach so that we will have 3 teams.  Varsity, JV and JV2 naming tend to speak for themselves, but here are a few notes:

  • Varsity:  This team will focus on competition with other schools.  Development will happen here just like anywhere, but competition against other schools is the focus.

  • JV:  This team will focus on player improvement and the fun associated with playing quality tennis against good internal competition.  You will compete against other schools as well, but we expect your practices to provide near-varsity and even varsity-level competition daily that will frequently be tougher than our real matches. 

  • JV2:  This team will blend new players with some more experienced players with practices being a fun blend of learning, games and competition.  We will do everything we can to find enough schools with JV2 teams to play so we can get to as close at 10 matches as we can.


  • 4/5:  The season starts

  • 4/12:  Match Play can start

  • 5/15:  End of regular season

  • 5/17 - 5/23:  OSAA "Tennis Culminating Week" - This is probably a varsity only week

Varsity Match Schedule (probably JV too, and we'll figure JV2 soon)

Weekday Match times are 4pm

This may not be final yet, but we think it is pretty accurate

Day   Date  Opponent      Site

Tues  4/13  Wilsonville   Away

Thurs 4/15  Barlow        Home

Fri   4/16  Clackamas     Away

Tues  4/20  Putnam        Home

Thurs 4/22  Liberty       Away

Sat   4/24  Newberg       Home (1pm start)

Tues  4/27  Glencoe       Away

Thurs 4/29  McMinnville   Away

Tues  5/4   Century       Home

Thurs 5/6   Forest Grove  Home

5/13 - 5/15 District Meet (I think)

Weird Stuff from the schedule above:

  • 4/5 - 4/10 is the Culminating week for soccer and volleyball.  This may only impact varsity players, but we aren't 100% sure yet.  This is typically our "varsity tryout" week.  We will figure something out so that participation in a fall sport does not mean you can't play varsity tennis.

  • Spring Break ends 3/28, which is about one week before tennis starts.  The current "participation after travel guidelines" say that after travelling, you must:

    • Wait 2 weeks to participate (4/12), or​

    • Wait 5 days after travel, then get a Covid test that comes back negative, and then you can return on 4/5.

  • Players must either have played a fall sport or practiced 5 days before being eligible to compete in matches.​  

The Season Plan, which includes a lot of rumors:​

  • Notice the Saturday match on 4/24 at 1pm.

  • There is no news on the state tournament yet.

  • The athletic participation fees have been lowered to $100 due to the shortened seasons.  That must be paid by 4/12 (end of the day - I don't know what that means, but it assume it means noon to be safe).

  • Varsity practices will be 3:30 - 5:30 in weeks 1/3/5, and from 5:30 - 7:30 in weeks 2/4/6.  We believe that JV practice times will mirror those from varsity.  JV2 practice times will be decided this week.

Other Items of Note:

  • Bus Rides to Away Matches.  Bus capacity will be limited to 24 people, and separate busses will be provided for each team.  Masks will be required for rides.  For parents not comfortable with bus policies, there is a form to fill out that can let you transport your player, but not other players.  Players can also drive themselves if necessary, but cannot transport others.

  • Spectators:  The rumor is that each player can have up to 4 spectators, who must wear masks and socially distance themselves from non-household members.  We will need parents to work hard at following these rules, even if you are vaccinated, to avoid having the district tighten the rules.

  • Indoor Practices:  If we get rain early in the season, we will work to have practices in some of the gyms.  We know that being indoors is higher risk than being outside, but the "players must have practiced 5 days before being eligible to compete in matches" rule means we have no choice.

  • George Fox is working hard to create programs that are flexible and affordable for high school players during the season - especially on rainy days.  Here is what they sent:  

    • We are offering a HS Class for Varsity Players on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-8pm. As well, we are offering a HS JV Class on Mondays and Wednesday from 6:30-8pm. This class will only be $10 during spring season, as opposed to the normal price of $30 to encourage players to come out and hit, especially if it is a rainy day. You can show up on the day of, or register as soon as an hour before online.

    • These classes start on 3/29, but the special pricing doesn't start until 4/5.


Notes from Todd:

  • Practice time and time for tryouts will be very limited.  There won't be a lot of time to ramp up if you haven't been playing at all.  We know a lot of you plan to play Fall sports right before tennis and we encourage that.  But I'd also recommend trying to get on court to hit an hour a week, including some serving in the weeks leading up to the season, especially for those planning to try out for varsity.

  • Come to the season with an open attitude, and an attitude of gratitude.  It's not going to be the best tennis season ever, but if we can have the season, that's going to be a lot more fun than most of the last year.  There are soooo many difficult choices to make about this season and how to approach it.  Every decision that the coaches, athletic directors and state officials have to make will be a tough one.  They will be trying to balance A LOT of competing priorities.  They will make decisions that make some people happy and other people unhappy.  Go into it knowing that everyone is doing their best and remember how much time all the coaches have put in during the Fall and Winter.

  • Be safe and be smart prior to the season and during the season.  Players testing positive have the potential to require a lot of teammates to be quarantined and off the court for 2 weeks.  Being part of a team always carries responsibility to your teammates - please consider being very diligent about limiting exposure, mask wearing and hand-washing as one of the best ways to be a good teammate in 2021.

  • Recent addition to the last item - responsibility:  If you haven't heard, some Lake Oswego students gathered for a "social event" on 2/25 to celebrate the return of sports.  6 days later, Lake Oswego had to cancel all practices and games for volleyball, football, boy's soccer, girl's lacrosse, baseball, cross country (boys and girls) and boy's basketball.  8 Teams and probably 400 athletes are sitting out 1-2 weeks because of the actions of a few.  Your teammates and friends are counting on you.

What team should you try for?

I've gotten a few questions from players about which team they should try out for.  Here is a quick bit of advice:

  • Feel free to ask the coaches.  We'll give you a guess, but you should know that it's just a guess and if you think we are wrong, it's fine to ignore us.

  • The coaches keep a very open mind going into tryouts.  While we have some notion of who will make each team, the tryout process matters more than our pre-conceived notions.  So, if you think you want to be on a certain team, try for it - we will give you a fair chance.

  • Think about your goals for the season and for future seasons.

    • If tennis for you is about improving and competing, it sounds like you have varsity goals either this season or next.  So you should be trying for the varsity or JV team.

    • If tennis is more about having fun with friends, JV2 may be the best fit, but JV might be good too.

  • Teams will be a hierarchy where the varsity team can beat the JV team, who can beat the JV2 team.  But that doesn't mean that every player on a higher team will beat every player on a lower team.  Tennis skills matter a lot, but so do leadership, hustle, teamwork, grades, sportsmanship and other things.