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Season Prep 2022

2/11/22 Update:  If you did not attend the pre-season meeting, lots of information is in the doc above.  And if you plan to try out for varsity, please let the coaches know so we can plan more effectively.

2/2/22 Update:  A quick tip for making varsity was added at the bottom

1/16/22 Update: The Main Sherwood Girls Tennis Page will contain the most critical information, but as we get closer to the season, I'll post more information here for those who really want to stay in the loop. 

Right now, we don't have a lot of insight into how many new players we will have, but we are expecting to have Varsity, JV and JV2 teams again this year.  Here are some notes on the teams from last year, which will probably still apply.

  • Varsity:  This team will focus on competition with other schools.  Development will happen here just like anywhere, but competition against other schools is the focus.

  • JV:  This team will focus on player improvement and the fun associated with playing quality tennis against good internal competition.  You will compete against other schools as well, but we expect your practices to provide near-varsity and even varsity-level competition daily that will frequently be tougher than our real matches. 

  • JV2:  This team will blend new players with some more experienced players with practices being a fun blend of learning, games and competition.  We will do everything we can to find enough schools with JV2 teams to play so we can get to as close at 10 matches as we can.


  • 2/10:  Parent/Player/Coach Meeting at 6:30 in the auditorium

  • 2/28:  The season starts

2022 Varsity Match Schedule (Fairly Final):

Day   Date  Opponent         Site

Tues  3/15  Crescent Valley  Home

Thurs 3/17  Tigard           Away

Tues  3/29  Sunset           Away

Thurs 3/31  Liberty          Home

Tues  4/5   Newberg          Away

Thurs 4/7   Glencoe          Home

Tues  4/12  McMinnville      Home

Thurs 4/14  Century          Away

Fri   4/15  Forest Grove     Away

Tues  4/19  Wilsonville      Home

Thurs 4/21  Liberty          Away

Tues  4/26  Newberg          Home

Thurs 4/28  Glencoe          Away

Fri   4/29  McMinnville      Away

Tues  5/3   Century          Home

Thurs 5/5   Forest Grove     Home (Senior Night?)

May 12-14   District Tourney TBD

May 19-21   State Tourney    THPRD I hope

Also left over from last year:

What team should you try for?

I've gotten a few questions from players about which team they should try out for.  Here is a quick bit of advice:

  • Feel free to ask the coaches.  We'll give you a guess, but you should know that it's just a guess and if you think we are wrong, it's fine to ignore us.

  • The coaches keep a very open mind going into tryouts.  While we have some notion of who will make each team, the tryout process matters more than our pre-conceived notions.  So, if you think you want to be on a certain team, try for it - we will give you a fair chance.

  • Think about your goals for the season and for future seasons.

    • If tennis for you is about improving and competing, it sounds like you have varsity goals either this season or next.  So you should be trying for the varsity or JV team.

    • If tennis is more about having fun with friends, JV2 may be the best fit, but JV might be good too.

  • Teams will be a hierarchy where the varsity team can beat the JV team, who can beat the JV2 team.  But that doesn't mean that every player on a higher team will beat every player on a lower team.  Tennis skills matter a lot, but so do leadership, hustle, teamwork, grades, sportsmanship and other things.

Quick Competition Preview:

I'm mainly writing this for one reason - to get prospective varsity players to start ramping up now.  Three of our toughest matches of the year also happen to be our first three matches.  So, here's the quick preview:

  • Match #1 - Crescent Valley:  Every match we have every played against CV has come down to tie-breakers.  And not just 1 tie-breaker - tons of them,  usually in the 3rd set.  As in six 3rd-set tie-breakers out of 8 matches.  They had a good season last year and didn't graduate almost anyone - just like us.  Despite being the closest and most competitive matches we've ever had, one thing has held true.  We haven't lost.  I don't want to start now.

  • Match #2 - Tigard:  Talking with the Tigard coach, she talks a lot about up and coming players, new to varsity in 2022.  She fails to mention that her very solid singles line-up from 2021 is still intact.  Singles players will have to battle hard, but we hope our doubles teams come through early and give us a little breathing room.

  • Match #3 - Sunset:  They are always a solid team.  There are not many years when I think we have a shot to beat them, but this is one of those years.  So let's take it to them.

  • After That:  We'll catch a little breather with teams who don't bring that kind of firepower, but it won't be long until we get some other tough ones again.  McMinnville has a solid and well-coached team, Forest Grove always competes well, and Glencoe will catch some teams by surprise this year.

Be prepared to bring your best to tryouts.  Play lots of practice matches now.  Get more fit.  Do what you need to do to be ready to bring your best to tryouts and the season.

Todd's Tip for Making Varsity, if that is your goal:

Prepare for doubles matches to prepare for tryouts.  Most teams have their strongest players in singles, and we'll tend to counter that by having several of our strongest players in singles.  Everyone else will spend a lot of time playing doubles during the season.  So making varsity is dependent on you showing that you can win in doubles.  That doesn't mean you can't or won't play singles during the season too.  But it's extremely rare for someone who can't play doubles to be so good at singles that they earn their spot there.  And notice is said "doubles matches" not just "doubles".  Get some match play in to be prepared.