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Senior Participation:

Before starting, this information does not apply to Foreign Exchange Students.  Foreign exchange students have different rules to encourage participation.


Earlier this school year, we got word that seniors would only be allowed to play on the tennis team this year if they made the varsity team.  The athletic director has looked deeper into that rule and found that exceptions can be made, especially to help fill up teams.


The "especially to help fill up teams" is a very important part of that statement.  The girls tennis program looked at practice space and the team size of our competition to determine a maximum team size of 36-40 players provides the best experience for players.  Unfortunately, we typically don't know the number of players for the year until the first week of practice.  While most or all of the 36-40 spots may be filled, it is possible that spots will remain available for non-varsity seniors.


For seniors who want to play this year, we encourage you to:

  1. Try to earn a spot on the varsity team through the normal tryout process (to be announced).  All seniors must try for a varsity spot to be considered.

  2. If you try but don't earn a varsity spot, talk with the coaches about what you'd like to do.  If there is room on the team for non-varsity seniors, the coaches may only be able to choose some seniors to fill up the team.  They may choose to keep players for a variety of reasons (attitude, leadership, skill, work ethic, desire to improve ...).

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