Serving Instruction

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Welcome to Todd's How to Serve the Right Way Class.  Most of what I have to say is in the first video, so I won't type much out.  This video series is for people with a fair amount of experience on court who really want to improve their games.  Learning to serve correctly is hard and you will probably get worse before you get better.  So, if you are happy with your game and your serve, don't worry about this.  If you really want to work towards becoming great, this might help.  Since you have time on your hands, I figured this is the best chance we'll ever have to see if we can turn people into great servers without even being on-court.

Lesson 1:  The right grip.  The Continental Grip.  Click Here:

Lesson 2:  Reach up and Pronate.  Click Here:

Lesson 3:  Shoulder Rotation and Rotator Cuff Strenghtening.  Click Here:

Lesson 4:  Racquet Head Acceleration.  Click Here:

Lesson 5:  Big Loop Swing Take-Back  Click Here:

Lesson 6:  Full Swing with Toss  Click Here:

Lesson 7:  Hit some balls  Click Here: