Serving Instruction

Lesson 2:  Reaching up and pronating with a little power added

Pretty much everything is in the video this time.  A few notes up front though.  First, later in the video I talk about how you should only be doing this with half power, not full power where you would risk injury.  So, don't swing like crazy or even close to like crazy for this - it's about learning to do it right and have control.

Second, I do some of the demonstrations on my knees because of limited space.  If you have to do that for space limitations, go for it. But it's much better if you can do it standing.



  1. 15 bounces like Day 1.

  2. 50 slow swings with full extension and pronation at the top

  3. 20 bounces with some energy added by your wrist

  4. 50 slow-to-medium speed swings with pronation and a little wrist energy added at the top - don't stop at the top in this set.