Serving Instruction

Lesson 5:  Big loop take back

Read the homework before watching the video.


  1. Build yourself a sock or shirt or legging fake racquet.  The audio in the video cuts out for a minute there, but it's not important.  The key elements to your fake racquet are this.

    1. You'll want about 4 ounces of something in the end (2 tennis balls, 4 ounces of water)

    2. Soft things like tennis balls or wadded up socks.  YOU WILL PROBABLY HIT YOURSELF IN THE HEAD, SO MAKE SURE IT IS SOFT.

    3. Whatever you put them in should be flimsy (e.g. long sock) as well to force you to keep it moving to stay in shape.

  2. 50 sock swings.  50 racquet swings.

  3. Watch the video on this page.  Create your own video and see how similar you look.