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Summer Tennis

Summer Tennis Flex League:
Flex Leagues are short league seasons with a flexible schedule (as in, even if you are out of town for 2 weeks, you can probably still make it work).  Register, then we'll send you a list of about 4 people to play in the next 4 weeks and how to contact them.  You arrange a time and place, meet and play a best 2-of-3 set match, no-ad, with a 10-point tie-breaker instead of a 3rd set.  The first league will run from 6/27 - 7/22.  Let Todd know by 6/26 if you are interested.  We may let a few people in late, but we may not.  So try to be on time.

If you like this idea but want to play people from around Portland, check out:

Full Summer Tennis Info for Those Not Already Involved:
Our plans for Summer Tennis are going to be a bit different than in prior years.  With our growing number of players, our old model for summer practices started breaking down last year.  It was too difficult to manage, and we frequently ended up with sets of players that were pretty mismatched.  Because of that, I don't think the instruction we offered was nearly as good as in years past.

Our plan for this year is to place people into groups of players with similar skills or things we think they need to work on.  Because of that, groups are NOT going to stay the same all summer.  If we think you need work on something that another group will be focusing on for a week or two, you'll move into that group.  Practices will almost always include at least two groups, so if you aren't in the same group as a friend, you'll probably still end up practicing together a lot of the time.  And again, groups will change a lot.

For interested players, I also plan to create summer flex leagues for singles (and maybe doubles).  These will be similar to the UTR Flex Leagues that some players have joined.  Basically, we'll assign you a few opponents to play over a several week period.  You arrange a time and place to play that person outside of practice.

A few other changes may be coming for summer tennis as well.  In the next few weeks, we'll decide if we try to run things more formally.  If we opt for that, there will be a more formal registration process and a cost associated.  We haven't figured out the cost yet, but it will be less than you'd expect.  And we expect that to be an annual cost for all our outdoor off-season tennis.  That will cover the cost of new balls, training equipment, better insurance for our staff and will be part of an attempt to stand up a more formal youth tennis program in Sherwood.  One of our top priorities is to not let that cost deter anyone.  If inflation or anything else makes that unrealistic for you right now, let us know and we'll figure something out.

If you want to be part of our summer programs, let Todd know by having your parents email Todd at sherwoodtennistodd@gmail.com.  I'll reply back with a link to one of our Remind groups.  That link can be shared by your family for anyone who wants to receive practice time notifications.  There will be several different groups, so please don't share it with others.  If your family has more than one player, they may be in different groups, so I'll send links for each.