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Remember that attendance will be monitored and reported to coaches before practices and matches.  The school's rules for participation are below:


Attendance at school, practice and contests.


1.  A participant must be in school the entire school day in order to be eligible to participate in that day’s practice or game.  The only exception is for professional or medical appointments, officially verified by the SHS attendance office. A doctor’s note or verification slip from the appointment is required on day of appointment, no exceptions.  On rare occasions an absence may be pre-arranged through the Athletic Director or Principal.


2.  Student/athletes are expected to attend school regularly. Unexcused absences from school are not acceptable.  If it has been determined that an athlete has an unexcused absence from a class they will not be able to practice or participate in contests during that day.  If there is not a practice/contest on the day of the infraction, the student-athlete will need to miss the practice/contest on the next available day. Subsequent unexcused absences may result in further action by the administration and coaches and may result in an athlete missing more than one practice or game. Note that leaving campus without authorization anytime during the school day is also considered an unexcused absence (class cut).  For activities that do not practice every day, they must be present at school the day of an event, as well as must be present 80% of the school week in order to be eligible for Friday and Saturday performances.


3.  Each team will also have rules in dealing with being late to practice and missed practices or contests due to illness, appointments, family business, etc. Missing practice or a contest due to job commitments is not an excuse.


4.  Student-athletes are expected to be at every practice and game. If a student is to be absent for any reason, they are required to notify their Head Coach prior to the practice or contest. If the coach is not notified it will be considered an unexcused absence.


5.  One unexcused absence from a contest can result in dismissal from the team. The coaching staff and athletic director reserve the right to use their best judgment regarding these situations.

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