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Quick Update:  Some of the first racquets donated through this program will be appearing in the high school state tournament this year.  Players whose skills and hard-work were being let down by their equipment got some better racquets and put on a great display throughout this season.  Congrats to the players, and they pass along a huge "Thank You!" to our donors.

Do you want to help improve the local junior tennis scene?  How about donating some of your old, gently used equipment to up and coming players?  There are lots of kids who can't play at all due to the cost of equipment, and others who have been pretty successful despite a huge equipment disadvantage.

So you know, Sherwood Community tennis is not currently set up as a non-profit, so any donations would NOT be tax-deductible.  If you are looking for tax-deductible donations to the Portland Tennis Community, Portland After School Tennis and Education (PAST-E) runs an amazing program out of the St. John's Tennis Center.  We'll take any equipment we can't find a home for to them as well, but you can cut out the middle-man if you want the deduction.

If you would still like to donate something to us, fill out the form below to get in touch.  In general, we've used about 20% of the donated equipment to fill the needs of the Sherwood tennis community, with the other 80% going to other schools or PAST-E.  In the past, we've been able to:

  • Provide practically new racquets for some hard-working up-and-coming players from one of our competitors

  • Provide enough racquets and new shoes to make it possible for one school to re-launch their boys team

  • Donate racquets, bags and shoes to PAST-E

  • Use small cash donations to re-string and re-grip racquets

  • Buy and donate beginner's racquets

Donated Tennis Equipment
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