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Kelsey Niebergall still winning in 2019, now with her mom, Renee.

Jim Finally Got His Flan.jpg

The nearly-undefeated Esmerelda Chan-Tuyub finally brings coach Krauel the Flan he was begging for all year.

Team Mills.jpg

Carley Mills with her dad, Craig.  Still an active mixed doubles team in 2020.

The Record Book

All-Time Record Holders

To the best of our knowledge, this is accurate.  Data is mostly only available for 2010 and beyond, with a few prior additions by Jim Krauel.

Team Achievements:

Team Record (5A):  17-1 (2013)

Team Record (6A):  15-0 (2022), 17-1 (2024)

Highest State Finish (5A):  4th (2012)

Highest State Finish (6A):  6th (2016, 2022)

Team Singles Record (all dual matches):  52-8 (2019)

Team Singles Record (league matches only):  52-3 (2019)

Team Doubles Record (all dual matches):  73-3 (2013)

Team Doubles Record (league matches only):  Undefeated in 2012, 2013 and 2024

Singles Win Streak (league matches only): 23 (2019)

Doubles Win Streak (league matches only):  126 (2012-2014)

Highest Percentage of Games Won in a Dual-Meet: 95.7% (2023)

Highest Percentage of Games Won in a Season:  74% (2022)

District Tournament Performance:  2023 - All entrants through to the 3rd round, with 5 entrants going to state.

Most Team Wins at State:  2024 - 7 (all entrants won at least 1 match)

Individual Achievements:

Singles Wins:  39 - Courtney Mostul

Singles Wins in 1 season:  19 - Emily McDonald

Doubles Wins:  60 - Nancy Nguyen

Doubles Wins in 1 season:  19 - Abby Ramer

Doubles Wins in 1 season (team)*:  19 - Paige Evans/Paige Bittner (2024)

Total Wins in 1 season:  24 - Nancy Nguyen (5A)

Total Wins in 1 season:  23 - Paige Evans (6A)

Total Wins:  73 - Courtney Mostul

State Appearances:  4 - Allison Schwarm; Mandie Jensen**, Morgan McArthur**

State Wins (5A):  6 - Mostul/Nguyen

State Wins (6A):  5 - Allison Schwarm/Erica Lee

League Titles in Both Singles and Doubles:

   Katie Patterson (2007 Singles and 2008 Doubles)

   Mandie Jensen (2019 and 2022 Doubles, 2021 Singles);

Repeat League Titles:

   Courtney Mostul/Nancy Nguyen (2012 and 2013 Doubles)

   Morgan McArthur (2022 and 2023 Singles) 

   Paige Evans/Paige Bittner (2023 and 2024 Doubles)

* Morgan Lushenko and Hayley Baker may also have a stake here in both 2009 and 2010 before official records were kept.  Katie Patterson and Melany Boulton also had some great seasons in 2007 and 2008.  Katie got to the state semis in singles and they reached the championship match in doubles together.

** No state tournament in 2020, 2021, so these are assumed 

Graduated Players with 85% match win rate**:

Amelia Godard - 100% (18-0)

Keatley Pihl - 94% (15-1)

Esmerelda Chan-Tuyub 93% (13-1)

Mandie Jensen - 92% (47-4)

Lainey Fischer 90% (28-3)

Payton Brower 90% (9-1)

Paige Evans 90% (61-7)

Lila Boughey 89% (34-4)

Jessica Creger - 88% (38-5)

Hannah Huntington - 87% (34-5)

Amy Otis - 86% (38-6)

Ashlynn Leahy - 86% (18-3)

Sophia Mulkey - 85% (11-2)

** 10 or more varsity matches must be played

Graduated Players with Undefeated League Records:

Paige Evans - 30 wins (+13 in districts with only losses ever being to Sherwood)

Jessica Creger - 27 wins

Lila Boughey - 24 wins

Amy Otis - 22 wins

Hannah Huntington - 21 wins

Mandie Jensen - 20 wins (+15 more in district tournaments, still without losing)

Amelia Godard - 15 wins

Anna Kang - 15 wins

Esmerelda Chan-Tuyub - 13 wins

Ashlynn Leahy - 12 wins

Post-Graduation Tennis Notables:

Abby Ramer - Bridgewater State University Tennis

Carley Mills - Linfield University Tennis
Courtney Mostul - Linfield University Tennis

Emily McDonald - George Fox University Tennis

Emily Esaki Wade - Sherwood Coach
Erica Lee:

  • Whitworth University Tennis

  • Whitworth University Asst. Coach

  • Whitworth All-Decade Team

Megan Kittel - Sherwood High Coach!

Megan Wade - Tigard High Coach

Morgan Lushenko - Mountain View Coach

Morgan McArthur - Whitworth University Tennis

Madison Kirby - Nelson High Coach

2022 Varsity Team Photo.jpg

The 2022 Team who broke TONS of records in their undefeated season


Erica Lee / Allison Schwarm, state consolation doubles champions

Pacific District Tennis 264.jpg

Abby Ramer hugs partner Mandie Jensen after winning the league championship.

Pacific District Tennis 134.jpg

Emily McDonald with her 18th win of 2019 - the league championship

State Tournament Qualifiers:

2007:  Katie Patterson

2008:  Katie Patterson/Melany Boulton

2009: Morgan Lushenko/Hayley Baker

2010: Morgan Lushenko/Hayley Baker

2011:  Courtney Mostul; Nancy Nguyen/Melinda Widows

2012:  Jessica Creger; Courtney Mostul/Nancy Nguyen; Carley Mills/Kelsey Niebergall; Sydney Blomquist/Amy Otis

2013:  Allison Schwarm; Courtney Mostul/Nancy Nguyen; Carley Mills/Kelsey Niebergall; Hannah Huntington/Amy Otis; Lydia Ng/Bryce Sprauer

2014:  Allison Schwarm; Amy Marks/Cambria Rooney; Megan Kittel/Sabrina Adams

2015:  Allison Schwarm/Erica Lee

2016:  Allison Schwarm/Erica Lee

2019:  Emily McDonald; Kolleen Peters; Abby Ramer/Mandie Jensen

2020:  (assumed due to Covid season cancellation):  Abby Ramer, Caitlyn Bering, Kelsey Murray, Mandie Jensen, Meg McLaughlin, and possibly 1-2 more

2021:  Mandie Jensen, Lauren Anderson/Morgan McArthur

2022:  Morgan McArthur, Mandie Jensen/Meg McLaughlin, Jessica Zaubi/Vicky Nguyen, Keeley McCaulley/Emma Douglass, Paige Evans/ Paige Bittner

2023:  Morgan McArthur, Vicky Nguyen, Hailey Henson, Paige Evans/Paige Bittner, Emma Douglass/Lila Boughey

2024:  Vicky Nguyen, Paige Evans/Paige Bittner, Hailey Foley/Leah Clark, Cassia Maciejewski/Anna Kang

Team Accomplishments:

2011: NWOC Dual-Match Champions

2012:  NWOC Dual-Match and Conference Tournament Champions, 4th Place in State

2013:  NWOC Dual-Match and Conference Tournament Champions, Bend Tournament 2nd Place

2016:  6th Place in State

2019:  Pacific Conference Dual-Match Co-Champions and Conference Tournament Champions

2020:  No Season Due to Covid, but Championship chances were good with McMinnville promising some more good fights

2022:  Undefeated Record; Pacific Conference Dual-Match Champions and Conference Tournament Champions, 6th Place in State

2023:  Roseburg Tournament 2nd Place; Pacific Conference Dual-Match Champions and Conference Tournament Champions

2024:  Roseburg Tournament 2nd Place; Pacific Conference Dual-Match Champions and Conference Tournament Champions

2021 Varsity Masked.jpg

2021 Varsity Squad.  12-1 Record in 6A and won a match 96-5 for games played.

Districts 2013.jpg

The 2013 League Championship celebration, which included 9 players qualifying for state.

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