Community Links

Each year, 10-15 local players, recent graduates and current players volunteer to help staff a variety of programs.  

Community Lessons:  Unfortunately, we don't have instructors available to have junior tennis lessons this summer.  Our high school girls program may be able to take on some girls entering high school in the fall (and maybe upcoming 8th graders too).  Contact if that interests you.  For everyone else, we are recommending lessons down at the George Fox Tennis Center, about 10 minutes from SHS.  Their summer sessions start on June 18th and they have a wide variety of options available.  You can click here to go to their main page, then click the Summer Session Schedule at the top of the page..

Court Use:  To find information about planned court use by the high school teams during the off-season, click here.  We appreciate when people try to avoid playing at the same time/site as our high school groups can be quite large and require all four courts.  We will try to have most of those classes at the high school since the other sites are used more as neighborhood courts by a lot of players.

Questions for us?

  Email with any questions you have.

George Fox Tennis Lessons

George Fox now has a 6-court indoor facility and will be offering affordable lessons and court rentals if you just want to practice.  Check them out if you'd like to get started before our next programs in Sherwood.

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