Community Links

Each year, 10-15 local players, recent graduates and current players volunteer to help staff a variety of programs.  

Community Lessons:  We are still a ways away from determining if we will be able to offer lessons in Sherwood this summer.  For now, we recommend that players check out the lessons down at George Fox (see below).

Court Use:  The regular high school tennis season starts 5 weeks later than usual this year, but pre-season practices will take up some courts in March.  To keep an eye on when the high school teams will be using the courts so you can plan around them, click here.

Questions for us?

  Email with any questions you have.

Teach Your Kids To Play:  With the virus around, we can't do any coaching, but tennis is an awesome game for kids (and adults).  We've added a new page for those of you who will be spending a lot more time with your kids in the near future.  Click Here to check it out.

George Fox Tennis Lessons

George Fox now has a 6-court indoor facility and will be offering affordable lessons and court rentals if you just want to practice.  Check them out if you'd like to get started before our next programs in Sherwood.