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Lady Bowmen Tennis

Things to Know as of 6/29/24:


1)  If you are hoping to be playing tennis this summer but aren't hearing from us, let Todd know at

2)  The school is going to stop using Remind on July 1.  So, even if you have been hearing from us in June and we suddenly go quiet in July, reach out to Todd.  I think my own side Remind account will still work, but I can't be sure.


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Coaching Staff

Varsity Coach: Autumn Bunch

JV Coach:  Peter Wenceslao

JV2 Coach:  Megan Kittel

Volunteers/Asst. Coaches:

Jason Upton

Todd Wilcox

Jeroen Swanborn

Thanks to the Booster Club for all they do for our teams!  If you want to learn more about the Booster Club or help in their fundraising efforts:

Varsity & JV:
Day   Date  Opponent         Site  Result
Fri   3/15  Centennial       Home  W:9-0 (V) W:6-1 (JV)
Tues  3/19  Liberty          Away  W:9-0 (V) W:9-0 (JV)  
Thur  3/21  Century          Home  W:7-2 (V) W:10-0 (JV)
Tues  4/2   Glencoe          Away  W:9-0 (V) W:7-0 (JV) 
Thur  4/4   Forest Grove     Home  W:5-0 (V) W:8-0 (JV)
Tues  4/9   McMinnville      Home  W:8-1 (V) W:8-3 (JV)
Thurs 4/11  West Linn        Away  W:6-2 (V) W:6-0 (JV)   

Fri   4/12  Newberg          Away  W:8-0 (V) W:7-1 (JV)
Tues  4/16  Liberty          Home  W:9-0 (V) W:9-0 (JV)
F/S 4/19&20 Roseburg Tourney Roseburg
 (Finished 2nd)
Tues  4/23  Glencoe          Home  W:9-0 (V) W:3-0 (JV) 

Wed   4/24  Forest Grove     Away  W:9-0 (V) W:8-2 (JV)
Mon   4/29  Century          Away  W:7-2 (V) W:7-0 (JV)
Wed   5/1   McMinnville      Away  W:6-3 (V) W:5-3 (JV)
Thur  5/2   Newberg          Home  W:9-0 (V) W:8-1 (JV)  
Sat   5/11
 JV Dist Tourney  (JV wins Gold Division)
May 16-18   Dist Tourney     Champions & 7 State Qualifiers 

May 23-25   State Tourney    THPRD (Varsity only)

Day   Date  Opponent         Site  Result
Fri   3/15  Centennial       Home  L: 1-3  
Thu   3/21  Lakeridge        Home  L: 1-5
Tues  4/2   Lakeridge        Home  L: 2-5

Thur  4/4   Forest Grove     Home  W: 6-5 
Sat   4/6   Tigard/LO        Tigard (ppd)
Tues  4/9   McMinnville      Home
Fri   4/12  Newberg          Home
Mon   4/15  Lake Oswego      Home
Tues  4/16  Lakeridge        Home  L:2-3

Tue   4/23  Lakeridge        Home 
Wed   4/24  Forest Grove     Home  W:8-3
Mon   4/29  McMinnville      Home 
Wed   5/1   McMinnville      Away  W:4-2
Thur  5/2   Newberg          Home  W:4-2
Sat   5/11
  Dist Tourney     Century

Varsity home matches played at SHS
JV home matches played at Ridges
JV2 home matches played at Hawks View 

Official Coach Contact Information:
utumn (Varsity):
Peter (JV):
Megan (JV2):

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