Lady Bowmen Tennis

The coaches are busy preparing for next year's season.  Check for more information soon.  A few things for now:


Register Early:  We are working toward having a JV2 team so more people can play.  If you plan to play, please register early (like, soon, not January) so the school knows we will have a big team this year.  Registering doesn't lock you in and payment is not due until the season.  It's not required, but it will make the season better.  You can register here.

Upcoming Tournament:  The lower level of this tournament (UTR 1-5) will probably be broken into an upper varsity (3-5) and a lower varsity/upper JV (1-2) division.  Check it out.

New Players:  Welcome to Sherwood Tennis!  Each year, we get a lot of new players, many of whom have never played before.  Please register to make sure we know how to contact you.  Or, if you have any questions during the winter, feel free to send them to You can follow us on instagram at sherwood_tennis.

First Day of Practice:  Monday, March 2

2020 Schedule

DATE    OPPONENT       Site  W/L

3/19    Wilsonville    Away  

3/30    Westview       Home 

3/31    McMinnville    Home  
4/2     Century        Away  
4/7     Forest Grove   Home  
4/9     Newberg        Away  
4/14    Liberty        Away   
4/17    Glencoe        Home  
4/21    McMinnville    Away  
4/23    Century        Home  
4/28    Forest Grove   Away  
4/29    Newberg        Home  

5/1     Bend Tournament

5/2     Bend Tournament
5/4     Liberty        Home 
5/7     Glencoe        Away  

Coaching Staff

Varsity Coach: Roxanne Imbrie

JV Coach:  Emily Wade

Volunteers/Asst. Coaches:

Jason Upton

Todd Wilcox

Craig Zetterberg

Thanks to the Booster Club for all they do for our teams (like our new uniforms)!  If you want to learn more about the Booster Club or help in their fundraising efforts:

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