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Okay - We are launching summer tennis on July 1!  It is going to be way more formal this year due to all our restrictions, but we hope to keep it fun as well.  You can find information about getting involved here.

One thing we are highly recommending for this summer is more match-play, with singles being a big part of it.  For one reason, that's one of the safest Covid-19 activities. But it's also a skill that we didn't get to practice with the loss of the season.  Think of it this way:

  • Forehand = Hammer

  • Backhand = Saw

  • Serve = Screwdriver

  • Volleys = Ruler/Measuring Tape

We can teach you to use a hammer, saw, screwdriver and ruler, but if we walk out the door and tell you to build us a cabinet, you are not prepared.  You may succeed, but it would be much easier if you had built 20 cabinets before.  Having the tools is important, but learning how to combine them into something better matters just as much.

For players looking to advance their skills at home:

Serving Instruction Series:  here

Topspin Forehand Instruction:  here

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Coaching Staff

Varsity Coach: Roxanne Imbrie

JV Coach:  Emily Wade

JV2 Coach:  Autumn Bunch

Volunteers/Asst. Coaches:

Jason Upton

Todd Wilcox

Craig Zetterberg

Jeroen Swanborn

Thanks to the Booster Club for all they do for our teams (like our new uniforms)!  If you want to learn more about the Booster Club or help in their fundraising efforts:

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