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Lady Bowmen Tennis

SHS Girls Tennis returns Feb 28 for the 2022 season!  If you are looking for ways to practice and improve before we start, contact SherwoodTennisTodd@gmail.com for options.

Check back occasionally in 2021 and then weekly starting in January to find out about pre-season meetings and other random things the coaches want/need you to know.

Incoming Freshmen/Transfers:  If you are interested in joining the tennis team in 2022 and want to get in the loop early, let us know.  So you know, tons of girls have never touched a racquet before starting.  So, you won't be alone if you want to learn to play.  Even if you are busy with other sports now, we'd like to know who you are for our planning and to make sure we keep you informed.  Send an email to rimbrie@gmail.com and SherwoodTennisTodd@gmail.com.

A huge thank you to all our coaches and volunteers for their dedication throughout the 2021 school year.  Keeping player counts  per court low meant coaches needed to work at least twice as hard.  At the end of the day, Sherwood players probably spent more time on court than any other school, making us one of the best top-to-bottom schools in Oregon!

Despite the fact that our recent "Tournament" didn't end up being much like an actual tournament, congrats to Morgan for some impressive match wins, earning the Championship.  Everyone who participated, click here to help Todd out. 

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Coaching Staff

Varsity Coach: Roxanne Imbrie

JV Coach:  Autumn Bunch

JV2 Coach:  Peter Wenceslao

Volunteers/Asst. Coaches:

Jason Upton

Todd Wilcox

Jeroen Swanborn

Brittany Teahan

Craig Zetterberg

Jim Krauel

2021 Varsity Match Results (12-1):

Day   Date  Opponent      Result
Tues  4/13  Wilsonville   W: 8-1
Wed   4/14  Barlow        W: 7-2 
Fri   4/16  Clackamas     W: 5-3
Wed   4/21  Central Cath  W: 7-2
Thurs 4/22  Liberty       W: 8-0
Fri   4/23  Newberg       W: 8-0
Tues  4/27  Glencoe       W: 8-0
Thurs 4/29  McMinnville   L: 4-5
Tues  5/4   Century       W: 7-1
Thurs 5/6   Forest Grove  W: 9-0
Tues  5/18  Forest Grove  W: 9-0
Wed   5/19  Barlow        W: 6-2
Thurs 5/20  McMinnville   W: 6-3

Thanks to the Booster Club for all they do for our teams (like our new uniforms)!  If you want to learn more about the Booster Club or help in their fundraising efforts:


2021 JV Match Results (14-0):

Day   Date  Opponent      Result
Tues  4/13  Wilsonville   W: 9-0
Wed   4/14  Barlow        W: 6-3* 
Fri   4/16  Clackamas     W: 8-0
Tues  4/20  Putnam        W: 8-0*
Thurs 4/22  Forest Grove  W: 7-0
Fri   4/23  LaSalle       W: 11-1
Tues  4/27  Glencoe       W: 1-0
Wed   4/28  Lakeridge     W: 7-1
Thurs 4/29  McMinnville   W: 9-0
Mon   5/3   Lincoln       W: 3-1 then rain
Thurs 5/6   Forest Grove  W: 8-0
Wed   5/12  JV Districts  Finished 1,2,3,4
Tues  5/18  Forest Grove  W: 8-0
Wed   5/19  Barlow        W: 6-2

Thurs 5/20  McMinnville   W: 5-1

* JV matches where they competed against some or all varsity players

2021 JV2 Match Results (3-1 vs JV2 competition):

Day   Date  Opponent         Notes
Tues  4/20  Wilsonville JV   2-4*
Wed   4/21  Lakeridge JV     1-4*
Fri   4/23  LaSalle JV       2-4*
Tues  4/27  West Linn        3-5
Thurs 4/29  McMinnville      5-3 
Sat   5/1   McMinnville      8-2
Wed   5/5   Lakeridge        5-3
Sat   5/8   Forest Grove JV  2-5*
Wed   5/12  JV2 Districts    Won Silver Bracket*
  5/18  Forest Grove JV  3-3*

Thurs 5/20  McMinnville      5-5

* JV2 matches where they competed against some or all JV players