Bowmen Tennis

2019 Results

DATE    OPPONENT       Site  W/L

3/14    Wilsonville    Away  L(0-8)
3/15    Cleveland      Home  W(5-3)

3/19    McMinnville    Home  L(1-7)
3/21    Century        Away  W(6-0)
4/1     Forest Grove   Home  W(9-8)
4/4     Newberg        Away  L(1-7)
4/5     Liberty        Away  W(8-0)
4/9     Putnam         Away  W(6-1)
4/11    Glencoe        Home  W(4-3)
4/16    McMinnville    Away  L(3-5)
4/18    Century        Home  W(8-0)
4/23    Forest Grove   Away  T(4-4)
4/25    Newberg        Home  L(3-5)
4/26    Liberty        Home  W(7-1)
4/29    Tualatin       Home  L(3-5)
5/2     Glencoe        Away  W(6-2)


More info to come soon.  New players should consider registering with the school (it does not lock you in) so the coaches know to contact you with any information.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach:  Brady Peterson

Asst/JV Coach:  Shawn Lally

Volunteers/Asst. Coaches:

Jim Kusyk

Craig Zetterberg

Thanks to the Booster Club for all they do for our teams!  If you want to learn more about the Booster Club or help in their fundraising efforts:

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